Why I Started The Digital Tim Blog

My reasons for starting this blog are twofold. The first and main reason is as a vehicle to communicate my Ideas. I believe that my research, professional and life experiences have given me perspectives that are relevant to helping to address major economic and social challenges faced across the world. In particular exploring digital business and health issues during my PhD has given me valuable insights about how technology could transform the world So, primarily, this blog is about thought leadership, getting my ideas out there with the aim of influencing change, primarily change through positive digital transformation. I say positive digital transformation, because I don’t believe that digital transformation is necessarily positive, only that it can be.

The second reason is to put myself out there as a digital innovation consultant. Directly in line with my thought leadership ambitions, I am looking for consulting work where I can apply my skills and understanding to achieve positive change. Ideally, I am looking for opportunities where I can help organisations apply digital technology not just for their own benefit, but to also make a positive impact in the world. For example, I believe that the successful application of smart city ideas could help a local authority make more effective use of their resources in order to improve the lives of people that live in their localities. The related concept of Industry 4.0 could be applied to improve the efficiency of private sector organisations, whilst simultaneously enabling them to make a positive impact on their employees, their customers and to wider communities.

In the about Digital Tim section I have outlined some of the skills I could apply to consulting projects. The emerging blog posts will outline some of the expertise I could apply.

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