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On this site I am sharing thoughts about how digital technology and creativity could be combined to help solve complex economic and social problems. In short, how to make the world a better place through digital technology.

Ideas that I am interested in include: artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, smart cities, collective intelligence and industry 4.0. These have the potential to transform society for the better, but also risk making it worse.

Feel free to add comments, I would also love to hear your ideas.

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Hire me to Help Fix the UK’s Broken Track and Trace System

From the above it should be clear that whilst the involvement of consultants in the UK contact tracing system has not always resulted in improvements I am quite different to the consultants that have been part of the current mess. The combination of my academic, creative and health management background gives me a unique set of skills and understanding that I could apply to help address this issue. These in combination with 6 months of experience in evaluating Covid19 contact tracing in the UK this year make me uniquely placed to help fix the problem. I also add that my motivation for wanting to be employed to help address this issue is not primarily financial. I would certainly not be asking for anything like the £7,000 per day rates that have been allegedly charged by some consultants. The tag line for this blog is digital innovation for good. I want to help primarily because given the opportunity I could help.  I would like to help as I believe that improving our contact tracing system would help save both lives and livelihoods as I outline in this earlier blog post and this piece in the BMJ.

Smart Cities, Communities and Improving Healthcare Efficiency

In this peer reviewed academic journal article I outline and define and discuss the concept of smart community in the context of healthcare efficiency. I argue that this digital concept contains insights to improving health care and healthcare efficiency.

Looks Like I Might Have Influenced Public Health England

In early September some of the main findings of the report were outlined in an opinion piece in the BMJ as outlined here. The title was “Best practice in contact tracing: How should an effective system be organized?” Today I spotted that the BMJ piece was listed in this Public Health England report on behavioral and social science articles relevant to Covid19. Not just that but its the first one in the list. I am not entirely sure who will have read the report or the articles it recommends, but it’s just possible that I might influence national policy.

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