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On this site I am sharing thoughts about how digital technology and creativity can be combined to help solve complex economic and social problems. In short, how to make the world a better place through digital technology.

I apply creativity with an understanding of business to help organisations overcome digital transformation challenges

Ideas that I am interested in include: artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, smart cities, collective intelligence and industry 4.0. These have the potential to transform society for the better, but also risk making it worse.

Feel free to add comments, I would also love to hear your ideas.

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We Should Apply Design Thinking to Avoid Rail Strikes

I’ve been thinking about the rail dispute / strikes scheduled for next week across the UK. Here are a few of my thoughts. We need to take a holistic approach that looks at both staff concerns and how to improve service. At the moment, our rail service is a mess. Customers pay too much for […]

My Background and How it Informs my Approach

Just to give a little bit of an overview about how my background gives me deep insight into issues with the adoption of contemporary digital technology. One of the digital concepts I am most interested in is smart cities. Understanding the potential of smart cities requires thinking from a multidisciplinary perspective, it is as a […]

Human Centred Design In Smart Cities

As should be apparent from the ideas outlined in this blog post, I see my interest in the ideas of design, systems thinking, community engagement and smart cities as very much interconneted. I have argued that I believe that effective design, especially design that is concerned with complex problems, requires community involvement. I have also argued that smart cities are an example of complex environments that require community involvement in design to achieve effective and impactful results.

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