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On this site I am sharing thoughts about how digital technology and creativity could be combined to help solve complex economic and social problems. In short, how to make the world a better place through digital technology.

Ideas that I am interested in include: artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, smart cities, collective intelligence and industry 4.0. These have the potential to transform society for the better, but also risk making it worse.

Feel free to add comments, I would also love to hear your ideas.

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Improving Service Design with Systems Thinking and Theatre

I’ve been thinking about service design quite a bit recently. Mostly this emerged from one of my current research / consulting projects. I have put research and consulting together as in my work sometimes these two merge together. I have been working with a digital consulting company, working with them to help refine and communicate their methodologies and marketing. Touchpoint, the Service Design journal argues that services and the performing arts have many things in common. They are both made up of processes, and depend on people to fulfil tasks to make up a bigger picture and both are planned with tools such as storyboards, scenario’s and customer journeys. These are all very much my comfort zone

UK EU Withdrawal Agreement Spat linked to Fourth Industrial Revolution Investment

in May I wrote this blog post and gave this podcast interview arguing that the key to getting the UK economy to recover from the Covid induced recession was to invest in the fourth industrial revolution…..the UK government is now planning on investing in fourth industrial revolution focussed companies to stimulate the UK economy, very much in line with my earlier blogs.

How to Make Contact Tracing Work, to Save Lives and The Economy

The number of daily Covid19 infections in the UK hit almost 3,000 today. This time last month the number of daily infections were less than 1,000, a month before that they were at less than 500. It looks like we are well and truly heading into the second wave. There is a lot of talk […]

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